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BRICS to bolster bloc’s role in growth

The BRICS Summit will be an important way for developing countries to explore a cooperative approach to sustainable growth and prosperity, leading Chinese experts said on Monday, dismissing concerns that the growth deceleration among the bloc’s members would undermine the group’s viability.

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India pulls back from Donglang

India has withdrawn all its personnel and equipment back to its side of the Sino-Indian border after a 10-week intrusion into China’s Donglang area, the Foreign and Defense ministries confirmed on Monday.

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Li wants more tech breakthroughs

Premier Li Keqiang called to further strengthen technological innovations to proceed with China’s innovation-driven development and boost economic restructuring.

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Chinese science teleported into the lead in quantum race

China has become the first country to send quantum keys-highly complex encryptions-from a satellite to a base on Earth, and to teleport light particles the other way.

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Seven new FTZs will accelerate opening-up

China will launch seven more free trade zones starting on Saturday, including several in inland areas for the first time, a move that is expected to accelerate the country’s opening-up and boost the Belt and Road Initiative, the Ministry of Commerce announced on Friday.

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Riding an asteroid: China’s next goal in space

After sending a probe to Mars in 2020, China plans to explore three asteroids and land on one of them to conduct scientific research, according to a Chinese asteroid research expert.

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