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Army of farmers grows into a formidable modern force

Almost 90 years ago, the predecessor of the People’s Liberation Army – the Chinese Workers’ and Peasants’ Revolutionary Army – was founded by the 7-year-old Communist Party of China. The new army’s creation followed a military uprising in Nanchang, Jiangxi province, led by the CPC.

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Prepare for challenges, Xi urges

President Xi Jinping urged senior officials to enhance crisis consciousness and be ready for risks and challenges as the Communist Party of China is preparing for its 19th National Congress.

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Documentary on reform wins praise from public

A 10-episode political documentary that began airing last week has gained positive feedback from the public nationwide, with many people expressing confidence toward the Communist Party of China’s ongoing efforts to comprehensively deepen reform.

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President wants space launch enhancements

President Xi Jinping has called for improving the country’s rocket launch and test capabilities.

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Xi calls for more ways to help poor

President Xi Jinping, while visiting a village in North China’s Shanxi province, called on Wednesday for greater efforts and more effective measures to help those living in poverty.

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Book of Xi’s anecdotes a best-seller

  Volume presents stories president has used in speeches and articles A new look at President Xi Jinping’s style and thoughts about China will open a fresh window on his leadership as a book of anecdotes and sayings he has mentioned in his speeches and articles is already gaining widespread interest from bookstores and the […]

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