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Documentary on reform wins praise from public

A 10-episode political documentary that began airing last week has gained positive feedback from the public nationwide, with many people expressing confidence toward the Communist Party of China’s ongoing efforts to comprehensively deepen reform.

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Film gives face to ‘comfort women’

After decades of living in silence and shame, “comfort women” have been given a face in a new documentary that relays first-hand accounts of their brutal experiences during a horrific chapter of history.

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Forest panda park to build on conservation achievements

Giant pandas, golden monkeys, snow leopards — the Sino-US nature documentary Born in China, which is being released in cinemas in the United States on Friday, showcases the wildlife and natural beauty that is unique to China.

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Film to pitch US parks to China tourists

The US tourism bureau will be releasing a new documentary in China on America’s national parks with the hope that Chinese travelers will visit the natural attractions beyond trips to gateway cities like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

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Shining light on a forgotten war

A new documentary delves into some of the gripping human stories from China in WWII and highlights the country’s often overlooked role in the brutal conflict.

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‘Lost’ movie brings home horror of occupation

A unique documentary about the 1937 invasion of China recently had its first screening in the country, more than 70 years after it alerted the world to the brutality of life under the Japanese and won an Academy Award.

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