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Quality, efficiency should be growth focus, Li says

The country’s economic agenda should prioritize quality and efficiency to achieve this year’s growth target, and also ensure improving public services such as education and healthcare, Premier Li Keqiang told lawmakers on Monday.

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Graduate degrees no guarantee for jobs

Zhang Hui has been struggling to find work for months but has been unable to turn her luck around in the job market. A graduate with a master’s degree from Shanghai International Studies University, the 24-year-old felt lost at sea after setting sail on the journey of her life. “You have no idea how hard […]

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All fired up

A job-hunting TV show that has stirred controversy by criticizing students who have returned from studying abroad has had to rethink its attitude. Zhang Yue reports in Beijing. China’s most popular employment reality TV show, Only You, has seen 305 applicants find jobs since it started in late 2010, with 51 of them being students […]

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Calculating the power of your hard-earned yuan

Recent figures differ over average incomes of Chinese workers, and there’s no easy answer to which is nearest the truth, Chen Xin reports. What’s the average wage in China and how does it compare with that in other countries? It seems a straightforward question, and the answer is always officially presented as such. But the […]

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US students investing in their future

BEIJING – American students dreading the prospect of finding employment during tight economic times are looking to China to boost hiring credentials. Even as the number of Chinese students enrolling in American universities’ skyrockets to nearly 150,000 a year, thousands of Americans are looking to study in China in the hopes of gaining a leg […]

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Despite recent criticism, China is creating US jobs

Job creation is likely to be the hot-button issue in the 2012 United States presidential election. What is not as obvious is that the candidate with the most pro-China platform may hold the trump card needed to win. Despite the recent criticism of China by most of the Republican candidates and the initial passage of […]

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