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Museum exhibit tells glorious tale of Chinese-American restaurants

The story of Chinese cuisine in the US is a long one, a tale of perseverance against prejudice that culminates in the Chinese restaurant cementing its place in the American culinary tradition.

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Volunteers learn and teach in a cultural melting pot

Yu is one of the 40 volunteers who will work at the China Pavilion during the expo. Their main tasks are directing visitors to various displays, explaining the exhibitions and helping with administrative work.

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Chinese art to highlight Asia Week 2015

The seventh annual Asia Week starts next week in New York, and many participants say they expect this year’s weeklong art auction and sales event to be the biggest ever, with most of the items Chinese.

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A matter of time

Hong Kong director Wong Kar-wai is notoriously difficult to work with. Many actors have complained about endless filming delays, a lack of planning and unexplained halts. But they say the results are more than agreeable.

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Feeding Asia’s art

Experts see professional biennials as a way to elevate the continent’s defining contemporary artists, Xu Jingxi reports from Guangzhou.  A telephone and a thick phone book were all that Zhang Qing was given to make China’s first genuine biennial happen. “The ‘make-it-work’ magic was my enthusiasm for biennales and determination to win back the right […]

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Nantong revives 1895 legacy with arts & crafts

Creative and cultural industry will give a boost to traditional sector, Ding Congrong reports. Arts and crafts in China are moving beyond homespun folk art and the vendor’s cart, as the central government moves to make it a new cultural and creative industry. Arts and crafts in China are moving beyond homespun folk art and […]

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