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Japanese war mourners include left-behind kids adopted by Chinese

A group from Japan mourned victims of Japan’s invasion and occupation of northeastern China before and during World War II and called on their leaders to visit China to apologize for war crimes on Tuesday.

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As pets become like family, relocation services boom

Helen Boneham adopted Benji, a Labrador puppy, after she started working in Beijing in 2014. Soon after, she began looking into how to take him home to Britain, since she didn’t want to leave him behind.

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China still No 1 for US adoptions

China remains the most popular country for American parents to adopt a child, with 2,040 adoptions last year, according to US State Department figures released on Wednesday.

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Former child star shuns Macao’s glitz

Macao is defined by extravagance, but Winni Iong, once recognized as the face of the city, enjoys a life away from the glitz and dazzle.

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Wooden homes help keep quake casualty figures down

Wooden houses spared an earthquake-prone area in Yunnan province from a higher number of casualties following a quake on Tuesday night, according to a provincial official.

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Premier Li visits Yunnan quake site

Premier Li Keqiang walked some 5 km on a muddy road on Monday to reach the epicenter of the deadly earthquake that killed at least 398 people in a remote area of southwestern China’s Yunnan province.

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