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Film gives face to ‘comfort women’

After decades of living in silence and shame, “comfort women” have been given a face in a new documentary that relays first-hand accounts of their brutal experiences during a horrific chapter of history.

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In China, blockbuster films still a big draw

Despite sluggish growth at the Chinese box office so far this year, the success of The Fate of the Furious shows that the appetite for Hollywood blockbusters is still there and won’t be going away for a long time, industry experts said.

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Houston film festival stands out to Chinese partners

Through a connection with Dream River Studio, the festival recently reached a strategic agreement with CITIC Juxin (Beijing) Capital Management Co Ltd (CITIC Juxin) to promote film projects between the US and China.

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Wanda chief advises Hollywood

Get back to storytelling in your movies instead of producing so many sequels and films loaded with special effects. China will become the world’s No 1 box office so put more “Chinese elements” in your movies. And profit, not politics, is behind his buying spree in Hollywood and his new move to lure movie making to China.

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Warcraft wows Chinese, sows seeds of fan economy

In sharp contrast to North America, where the film Warcraft got a bad rap, and Europe, where it was branded a box office failure, the film turned out to be a blockbuster in China.

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Sichuan’s environmental treasure go up on the big screen worldwide

The first two installments of the movie series Kung Fu Panda, the latest of which came out in China and the United States last month, includes Chinese elements such as Sichuan cuisine, tai chi and the colored belt dance.

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