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Inner Mongolia marks 70 years of fruitful regional ethnic autonomy

The Inner Mongolia autonomous region had a lot to celebrate on its 70th anniversary on Tuesday, including having built a society growing in prosperity that is based on regional ethnic autonomy. The festive mood spread from a celebratory ceremony, attended by 20,000 people in the capital, Hohhot, to the 25 million residents of this region’s […]

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Xi: Inner Mongolia makes gains

President cites advances, sees brighter economic and environmental future

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Sampling a slice of mongolian culture

Since the days of Genghis Khan, competitors have gathered each summer to show off their skills in horseback riding, archery and wrestling. Xing Yi and Yuan Hui explore the scene in Hohhot.

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Inner Mongolia takes lead in kicking off national soccer plan

After leaving professional soccer, Dai Qiang struggled to make a living. But now he has discovered a new job in the sport – as a coach at a primary school in Hohhot, in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

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Chinese actor dances with wolves

From the first day he was on the set, Feng Shaofeng had known he was not the biggest star. The 36-year-old actor, a heartthrob for young Chinese women, was led to a camp to meet 16 wolves, which had been training for two years. Under the direction of French director Jean-Jacques Annaud, Feng and the […]

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Sounds of the grasslands

A music producer from Inner Mongolia has gathered some of the best musicians from the remote region to play their music to audiences across the globe  It was early morning when 30-year-old Altengaro bid farewell to his 600 sheep and 50 horses on the pasture at Xilin Gol League, the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, and […]

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