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In US, demand surges for Mandarin lessons

As more than 1,000 Chinese language teachers gathered in Houston to exchange the latest ideas in teaching, education leaders from the United States and China recounted the achievement of Chinese learning in the US over the past decade on the opening day of the 10th National Chinese Language Conference on Thursday.

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Hanban: Meeting language demand

In its 10 years, Hanban has seen a surge in interest in the study of Chinese as a second language.

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Language contest wows judges

About 200 students, teachers and parents gathered at the University of Maryland for the preliminary round of the eighth Washington Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition on May 2.

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Culture: Variety counts

Charting a new course Although China has a long and rich history, to indulge too much in that history doesn’t do you any favors when it comes to cross-cultural communications. “You have to tell the story with a modern flavor, otherwise the audience will lose interest,” Xu said.  “Our teachers are good at telling the […]

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Taking Chinese culture to the world

Editor’s note: Confucius Institutes were first established nine years ago as centers where foreigners could learn the Chinese language. However, China’s economic boom has increased worldwide interest in all things Chinese, and Confucius Institutes have responded by broadening their curricula. Now, you can find Confucius Institutes that specialize in Chinese opera, in dance and performance, […]

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The nation’s top calling card

Although China’s Confucius Institutes are struggling to meet growing international demand for language classes, they are adding other aspects of the nation’s rich culture to their repertoire, Sun Shangwu, Zhao Huanxin and Tang Yue report. Are you familiar with the name, Confucius Institute? How about the idea of a convenience store of Chinese language and […]

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