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Peking Opera rocks the Met – museum, that is

The Peking Opera Farewell My Concubine debuted at the China Garden of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York on Friday.

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Tai chi lights up Times Square

Performing the traditional Chinese martial arts tai chi and kung fu, a group of Chinese kung fu champions wowed audiences on Times Square on Sunday.

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The Legend of Mulan told at Lincoln Center

The Legend of Mulan, one of the most recognizable folktales in Chinese culture, came to Lincoln Center with the Hong Kong Dance Company’s first performance of the classic outside of Asia.

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Chinese in the South remembered

You may have heard of African Americans working on plantations in the Antebellum South or Chinese-American coolies laboring in California. Lesser known are the Chinese Americans who migrated to the South. A dance drama being performed on Saturday sheds light on this little-known part of American history.

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Painted faces

The colorful makeup of Peking Opera masks Ghaffar Pourazar’s nationality, and at the same time reveals the lifelong dedication of a true lover of the art, Raymond Zhou discovers in Beijing. The guard at the entrance took one look at Ghaffar Pourazar and waved him through. He did not have to pay the 2 yuan […]

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Animal rights groups seek performance ban

Animal rights groups are calling for a ban on all animal performances in China, including live shows, petting zoos and photo sessions. However, their campaign – which also calls for a ban on dolphin shows – is said by some to have gone too far. Animal performances and circus shows, especially in Beijing, have “seriously […]

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