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Top expats get chance to help lead

China will continue to strengthen preferential policies to attract top foreign talent, encourage more of them to play a leading role at universities, and further simplify work permit procedures, a senior official said.

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Jinjialing adds policies to draw more finance firms

Thirty-five policies on wealth management services have been implemented in Jinjialing Financial Cluster Area since its establishment last year, putting the zone in Qingdao on track to meet its 2015 growth target.

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Finding the right direction

Twelve months ago, there was some sense of the global financial crisis beginning to recede in the rearview mirror. But in the last few months of 2014 its specter reappeared. Europe looks again as though it could be plunged into recession and there are renewed questions about whether the euro will survive in its current form.

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CNNZ to be intl business hub in western region

Southwest China’s Chongqing municipality is building a new zone that is expected to become an international commercial center in the near future, Ma Wei reports. Located in the Chongqing New North Zone, also known as CNN Z, the Lijia Central Business District will be a paradise for investment with great business opportunities, local officials say.  […]

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Wen calls for more aggressive fine-tuning

Premier Wen Jiabao has called for more aggressive efforts to preset and fine-tune economic policies, as the world’s second-largest economy still faces huge downward pressure. Speaking during an inspection tour of East China’s Jiangsu province from Friday to Sunday, Wen said the economy is running at a generally stable pace, but there are still challenges. […]

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