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Beijing urges Asia security framework

China has been pushing discussions on building a new framework for regional security and cooperation, and it is committed to deepening cooperation on trust-building measures, President Xi Jinping said.

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Xi advocates common security

President calls development necessary to counter rise of ‘destabilizing factors’ In his latest speech on Friday, President Xi Jinping highlighted China’s firm stance on fighting terrorism and safeguarding regional peace at a time when the world is facing more security challenges than ever. Recent acts of terrorism show that the fight against the “three evil […]

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Boost set for privacy on internet

A fundamental new cybersecurity law, which will take effect on Thursday and is intended to safeguard sovereignty in cyberspace, national security and the rights of citizens, bans online service providers from inappropriately collecting and selling users’ personal information.

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Terror attacks down, but attempts remain high, study finds

China has seen a decline in violent terrorist acts, thanks to tougher security measures, but the country still faces grim terror threats because the number of attempted attacks remains high, senior security experts said on Monday.

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THAAD response ‘understandable’: FM

Beijing and Moscow announced on Thursday that they share serious concerns and are firmly opposed to Washington and Seoul’s plan to deploy the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense anti-missile system in the ROK.

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Beijing, Hanoi reinforce ties

Vietnam vows to ‘expand maritime cooperation’ in party leader’s visit

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