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Xi: Keep poverty-reduction promises

The country’s poverty alleviation work is facing tougher challenges with the approach of the 2020 deadline for its ambitious poverty-eradication plan, President Xi Jinping said on Wednesday, while calling on officials to make greater efforts to help poverty-stricken people.

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Planned tourism routes to offer view of pandas in the wild

Most people who have seen live giant pandas have done so at a zoo. Some are lucky enough to visit panda breeding centers in Sichuan province.

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Culinary delights put city of gastronomy on the map

“Is there any possibility that people may fall in love with a city because of a certain taste? The answer is yes,” said Jonathan Kott from Seattle.

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Romance of silk

Cultural traditions of the ancient Shu kingdom are being preserved at a museum in today’s Sichuan province.

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Panda births boost survival hopes

Nine sets of giant panda twins have been born in Sichuan province so far this year, boosting confidence in the survival of the endangered species.

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Chengdu opens further with new air, rail links and friendship ties

“I have a dream that one day I can take a direct flight to Chengdu from Prague,” said Milan Hovorka, the deputy minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, during the eighth E.U.-China Business and Technology Cooperation Fair in Chengdu in 2013. That dream came true in February, when Sichuan Airlines began direct flights between Chengdu and Prague.

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