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Harsher measures will target smog

Curbing winter smog in the north has become a priority and challenge for air quality improvement, leading to harsh measures this year, the environmental minister said on Thursday.

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To go green, coal city taps tourism, IT

Anybody who lives in northern and central China must have terrible memories of the heavy smog that descended on the major cities there. The Ministry of Environmental Protection warned a total of 23 cities, including Beijing municipality, to issue red alerts on air pollution. Six of those cities are in Henan province.

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Court applies criminal law to data fraud

Falsifying environmental data to avoid pollution regulations is a criminal offense, according to a set of new judicial interpretations on environmental crimes formed by the top court and top procuratorate and released on Monday.

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Steelmakers suspected in smog

Leading researchers on air pollution have identified the massive amounts of discharged pollutants, especially from industrial production, as the root cause of the severe winter smog in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.

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Smog incentives hard to introduce

Obstacles include defining targeted groups and sources of funding

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Beijing may miss target for air quality

Smog means the capital’s annual goal to reduce pollutants could be hard to achieve, official says

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