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CRRC signs $178m deal with LA Metro

A contract between a Chinese railcar company and Los Angeles County’s transportation agency is expected to bring 64 subway cars, 50 local jobs and $38 million in wages and benefits to the region in the coming years.

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CRRC adds LA to list of railcar contracts

China’s railcars soon will be humming along both coasts of the United States.

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City aims to be top transit metropolis

Capital selected as pilot to pursue greener, more efficient public transport system similar to those in other large foreign cities.

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Don’t take seat disputes sitting down

Altercations over polite behavior on public transportation offer a window on a changing society, reports Tang Yue. If you’re riding the bus or subway and see a pregnant woman, an elderly person or young child standing up in front of you, you might want to think seriously about offering them your seat. If you don’t, […]

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Practical or provocative?

A storm has erupted after Shanghai subway bosses urged women to ‘dress modestly’ to avoid sexual harassment. Hu Yongqi, Wu Wencong and Tang Yue report. Kan Chunling, 55, has always considered herself a follower of fashion and the most open-minded of her peers. However, she finds it hard to appreciate the revealing dresses worn by […]

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Building bridges together

How the Chinese can help reshape U.S. infrastructure, Zhang Yuwei reports from New York. For the past few years, China has been rapidly building its infrastructure. The pace has been so fast, in fact, that many people say the United States could learn a thing or two from China.  High-speed rail lines, airports and train […]

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