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US, UK still top Chinese study sites

US President Donald Trump’s arrival in the White House and Brexit in the United Kingdom have not lessened the appeal of these countries among Chinese students choosing an overseas education destination, according to a new report.

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WeChat becomes business tool as it tops rival Facebook’s daily usage

WeChat, the ubiquitous messaging app, is being used for an ever longer period of time and is growing into a lifestyle choice embedded into daily activities and interactions, a new survey has found.

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Shanghai still top spot for those moving from abroad

Shanghai has ranked as the “most attractive” city for foreign residents for the fifth consecutive year due to its international atmosphere and multicultural environment, according to an annual survey.

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Smog incentives hard to introduce

Obstacles include defining targeted groups and sources of funding

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How young Chinese and US adults view relations between the two countries

Young people from the US and China, ages 18 to 28, were jointly surveyed by China Daily’s website and the Communication University of China. Of the more than 2,000 subjects, 305 came from the US and 1,783 were from China.

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The children left to fend for themselves

About 61 million children in China are classified as ‘left-behind’ because their parents have moved away for work. Although most live with relatives and have adequate provisions, the psychological toll can be enormous and can result in anti-social behavior, poor academic performance and even suicide.

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