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Reforms boosted in financial crime war

China will further beef up its fight against money laundering, funding for terrorism and tax evasion as the central government calls for intensified supervision efforts to ensure the implementation of reforms.

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Anti-terror drive to be stepped up

China and Uzbekistan agree to intensify joint action amid increasing fears over extremists

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Presidents vow to fight terrorism

The presidents of China and Turkey made clear their resolve to combat terrorism, including the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, during talks in Beijing on Wednesday.

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Corps plays key role in fight against terror

The Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, a specialized paramilitary force, has played a special role in safeguarding the autonomous region’s social stability and in cracking down on violent terrorism, a central government white paper said on Sunday.  “Xinjiang has a long border, and safeguarding it is a responsibility the State has entrusted to the XPCC,” […]

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Guideline helps battle against terrorism

Specific terrorist acts more clearly laid out for police  A new guideline clearly defines terrorist activities in China and could help authorities combat terrorism, legal experts said on Sunday.  The guideline, which aims to cope with “the diversity of terrorist crimes in recent years, all of which were found to have connections with religious extremism”, […]

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Global arms market hits post-Cold War high point

Experts say increase due to rising security risks around the world Despite the gloomy world economy, Chinese observers have cast their sights to a prosperousglobal arms market, which has hit the post-Cold War peak in 2012 according to a Russianreport issued earlier this month. The seemingly abnormal situation, driven by complex factors including turmoil in […]

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