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Planned tourism routes to offer view of pandas in the wild

Most people who have seen live giant pandas have done so at a zoo. Some are lucky enough to visit panda breeding centers in Sichuan province.

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Boston: a study in attracting Chinese visitors

Boston, like many US cities, is trying to increase Chinese tourism. It has the added benefit of being a major college hub, which it is using to entice Chinese students, and the city hopes, visits by their friends and families.

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New projects boost ancient city’s vitality

Chengdu has been introducing high-end tourism projects and brands from home and abroad in a ceaseless effort to add to the attractions of the ancient city.

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To go green, coal city taps tourism, IT

Anybody who lives in northern and central China must have terrible memories of the heavy smog that descended on the major cities there. The Ministry of Environmental Protection warned a total of 23 cities, including Beijing municipality, to issue red alerts on air pollution. Six of those cities are in Henan province.

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Tibet opens doors to more tourists

Tibet is expected to receive more than 25 million tourists and generate tourism revenue of more than 37 billion yuan ($5.34 billion) in 2017.

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Space plane taking shape

Chinese space engineers will join hands to develop a next-generation craft with enormous business potential for commercial launches and space tourism, according to an industry conference.

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